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Ex Post.Β 


For you my dear friend.

You’re in pain.

The relationship which you hoped and wished to last forever just ended. You’re devasted and the pain in your heart is making its way all through out your body- invading your entire system like a traitor. You ache deeply. Emotionally and physically.

You’re grieving.

You felt like you’ve cried your heart and the rest of your internal organs out but still more sneaky tears are finding their way out your already swollen eyes.

You’re tired.

You start thinking this can’t go on forever. You fake the most painful smile ever and you try to regain control of your self. You try. Sometimes you succeed but too often you lose the struggle of getting your life back to normal.

You’re ok.

You realize you’re not still dead after all the agony you went through. You look at yourself in the mirror and you sigh a sigh of relief. Your smile is less painful and the world has regained color.

You’re moving on.
Slowly. Taking one careful step over the other you brave through every single day. You learned a new hobby. You found a new favorite song. You’re laughing again. You have forgiven yourself.

You’re alone.

But no longer lonely. You spend time with yourself and enjoy evey minute of it. You thought of how you’ve missed on the beauty of alone time. Alone time is wonderful.

You’re ready.

To fall in love again.