You’re The Best Guy.


I know this post is kinda late but as you have always told me, “Better late than later” right?

You’re the funniest guy I have known. It’s quite amazing how you can make a crowd burst into laughter with your smooth and one-of-a-kind humor. They say that was one of the reasons why you were once branded as chickboyΒ aside from your good looks, of course. πŸ˜‰ Mwah!

You’re the most loving guy I have known. I think it took great courage and even a greater deal of patience to constantly fight for and fight with the love of your life. I know how you continuously vouched your love for her. You never let anyone nor anything get in the way. You always put her first. Her happiness is your happiness. You said you’d fight for her even if it’s her you have to fight with.

You’re the most amazing guy I have known. A superhero, almost.

You’re the best guy…and I love you so much Pa.


β€œYou have my whole heart. You always did. You’re the best guy. You always were.”
― Cormac McCarthy


β€œA mother has far greater influence on her children than anyone else, and she must realize that every word she speaks, every act, every response, her attitude, even her appearance and manner of dress affect the lives of her children and the whole family. It is while the child is in the home that he gains from his mother the attitudes, hopes, and beliefs that will determine the kind of life he will live and the contribution he will make to society.”
― N. Eldon Tanner

“A mother….”

How Old Are You Marco? :)


Me: How old are you?
Marco (proudly answers): I am 2, 3, 4!

Well, you can never be too sure, eh? πŸ™‚

I remember, you were so round and snobbish. Hehe. You don’t even want to come to me. But, one day (unfortunately for you) you had no choice but to be left with me because you’re Mama and Papa needed to go somewhere. Let’s just say, it wasn’t easy but we became friends. πŸ™‚

Since most of the time I am away, I have to watched you grow from afar. And I saw that round snobbish creature turn into a very happy, sweet and adorable kid.

See you soon birthday boy!:)

August 28, 2009

We Love You Papa. Always. β™₯


It’s Monday. And it’s you birthday.

Growing up, my Monday morning was always filled with excitement with you trying to get us ready for school. You’d check on us one by one, making sure we proceeded with our morning routines in schedule while you prepare breakfast because you’d never let us go with an empty stomach. It’s funny when I imagine you trying to get uncontrollable kids in order. But you did it. And you did it every single day. Β We grew with you always by our side. Relentless. Never ceasing.

As a person, you weren’t perfect. You never tried to appear perfect and I am not about to ruin that. You have done things you were not so proud of. Your friends would tell us your “adventures” back when you were younger and I admit there were things that were kinda off. Hehe. Again, as a person you were not perfect but as a father, you were.

I can’t forget that time when we were just silently sitting beside each other when you suddenly expressed your frustration of not having the ability to provide the best things for us. Knowing how you always wanted to pamper us, I understood it was difficult for you. But what you forgot was, you may not have given us the luxury that you wanted for us to have, but you have given us the greatest gift ever – yourself. And that was more than enough.

Up to your last days, you thought of us. Even when your health was greatly challenged, you hanged on. You wanted to know that we are all OK before you leave. And you did just that.

They said you were a great man, I say you are. Always.

Happy Birthday Papa…




Happy Birthday Brother Dearest! <3


Dear Ian,

Happy Birthday Big Little Brother! You are my little brother but you are way bigger than I am now. I don’t get to be with you often, well, you know how it is with us spread all over Lluzon, Visayas and Mindanao! Hehe. But you are always in my heart and mind.

I remember how I always bullied you when we were younger. Hehe. But when I saw you one time looking so sad only to find out some kid made fun of your shoes, I was like, “NO ONE MESSES WITH MY BROTHER!!!!!!”. And yeah, I threatened talked to that kid.

You are one of the funniest persons I know. Whether you intend to be or not. I will always remember how you petrified your 6th grade teacher when you mistakenly wrote: “I eat my dog three time a day” when you meant to “feed”. Good times!

I never saw you cry so hard like the time Papa had his worst hypertensive attack. You were the one who saw him lying there motionless when you got home. And I just didn’t realize how brave you were back then. You were just 12. You are strong. You have always been strong.

I have always been so proud of you. And I can’t be more proud than that time when Ate and I visited you at your workplace, I was all smiles seeing you looking so adorable in you nurse’ uniform.

You need to be given a trophy for being such a dedicated TitoΒ to Carla and Marco. I just can’t help but smile when they pretend to quarrel you but they all get too clingy when you leave. It’s as if they have their own personal nurse when you’re around. You are so patient with them. Guilty as charge, I pass them on to you when they get too wild, and you handle them very well. The Best Tito, indeed.

We really don’t talk much. Well, we talk – Manang, Ate, You and I – just about everything except the more serious and personal things. Maybe it’s our way. We may not talk about our pains, secrets and conflicts but we know. And we stick together. Ohana, right?

Well, this letter is getting too long. All I really wanted to say is, I love you my dearest brother and Β Happy Birthday!:)

Love lots,

People are still asking me why you don’t call me Ate. Oh well! πŸ™‚