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The Hobie Cat “Snapping” Experience.


This experience truly deserves a separate post from the rest of the things we did at Misibis Bay.  Not only because it was really so much fun but because this experience made an interesting turn.

So, we all decided to try the Hobie Cat Sailing on Day 2. Since, we will basically be on a catamaran with a huge sail without a motor, we are all in the mercy of the wind. And yes, we all bowed down to the skill of our sailor, Kuya Ryan.

Thus, we sailed on.

Kuya Albert and Kuya Ryan Preparing the Hobie Cat.

Leaving the shore.



Ready, Aim….Fun at Misibis Bay!


So little time so much to do!

We made the most out of our short vacation. With Misibis Bay’s various fun activities, it’s hard not to do so. Especially when most of them are FREE!!!! 🙂

Hobiecat Sailing.

Pedal Boat.


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A Look Around Misibis Bay.


Resort Name:  Misibis Bay
Location: Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay

Looking every inch like haven.

We arrived at the resort after noon. It was drizzling but the sun finally shone just to give us this sight:


We spent the entire afternoon going to and fro the beach and the pool. We just can’t get enough.

By the Pool.

By the Beach.

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Cagsawa Ruins.


The Cagsawa Ruins are the remnants of an 18th century Franciscan Church. Built in 1724 and destroyed by the 1814 eruption of the Mayon Volcano. Located in Barangay Busay, Cagsawa, in the Municipality of Daraga, Albay,Philippines.

Cagsawa Church Belfry

I finally came face to face with this famous tourist spot that I have only seen in textbooks. Since what was left of the Cagsawa church is the belfry, it is somehow creepy to note that we are actually standing on the roof of a buried church.
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An Exotic Adventure! :D


Restaurant Name:
Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant (Folk Food, Folk Art)

Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant

Angono, Rizal, Philippines

How to Get There (from Makati)?

  1. Take the MRT: Buendia to Shaw Station/Star Mall  (Fare: P11.00).
  2. Go to the Binangonan Terminal (EDSA side of Star Mall).
  3. Take the Van/FX going to Binangonan (Fare: P50). You can simply request the driver to drop you off at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant (Travel Time: 30-45mins).

Why go there?

  1. They serve sumptuous EXOTIC food, and
  2. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s an art gallery as well!

The Menu:

Exotic Dishes Menu

They also serve Adobong Baboy Ramo/Wild Boar (P380) and tapang Usa/Deer.

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That’s so Pinoy!


Just last weekend our Operations Unit decided to have a Summer Outing and luckily I was invited (thanks Ted!). On our way to the place we saw some stuff that are quite “interesting”…. 🙂

somewhere down the road called EDSA

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