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Looking Back.


4th Year High School (2001)

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Ten Years After (December 2011)


It’s so High School! :)


Last Friday, I met with two of my good old friends from high school -Jeftot and Plo Plo (that’s what I fondly call Jef, the future Diplomat and Adolfo, the future lawyer) and I was glad to see them after a long while. I can’t stop feeling happy about the irony of things. Yes, we have changed a lot but we are actually still the same “high schoolers” – noisy, rowdy and just plainly crazy.

We have took on different endeavors and I was quite proud of our batch which leads me to reminisce about our high school life.

There are 3 High Schools in our town (2 public and 1 private)- Sindangan National Agricultural School (SNAS), Sindangan National High School (SNHS) and St. Joseph College (SJC). I had no second thoughts in choosing SNHS as my high school. And I wasn’t mistaken in doing so.

Ate Che, Karen, Me and Christie Joy.

Freshmen: Majority of my friends from my elementary school also chose SNHS, so it was like grade school all over again except that we are really now in high school. We said goodbye to some of our elementary classmates but we also said hello to new ones.



This was taken during the Centennial Celebration of Independence (June 1998). Read the rest of this entry