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Kumusta Ka?


The best way to learn and be fluent in a foreign language is to use it regularly. So it will be very helpful to have someone around that will help you with that. I used to be able to speak Spanish – a simple yet decent version of it – but I lost it when I stopped using it because I find it absurd to talk in Spanish in a place where nobody or only very few understands the language. Oh, how I’d love to learn it again. But for now, I’ll do the teaching. So enjoy! πŸ˜€


Kadyot lang kay nalibog ko…


If you were able to read the title without malice, then you will be able to read through the following:

Usahay, mahibulong ko ngano mas dali mosulat o mostorya kung English ang gamiton kaysa Bisaya. Kung buot hunahunaon, dapat mas dali para sa mga Bisaya ang magbisaya pero sa tinuod lang murag dili ingon ana ang nahitabo.

Ako ning na hunahunaan kay naulaw ko ug gamay nga sige ko ug ingon nga Bisaya ko pero gikalimtan na nako ang sakto nga pagbisaya. Nakaamgo ko gamay nga kada mostorya ko, lisod kaayo ang lunlon Bisaya – sige gyud ug masagulan ug English ang akong Bisaya.

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I am from the Philippines so I speak the national language – Filipino. But since I grew up in Mindanao, I also speak Cebuano or most commonly known as Bisaya. Actually, Bisaya is to Cebuano and Tagalog is to Filipino.

In any rate, this post is more of a Bisaya 101 for those who are interested in learning the dialect (special mention: my friend Bianca).

So I will leave you with these basic 4 “Wh” and 2 “H” questions. I’ll be posting more soon. Should you have any special request, just leave me a message.