You’re The Best Guy.


I know this post is kinda late but as you have always told me, “Better late than later” right?

You’re the funniest guy I have known. It’s quite amazing how you can make a crowd burst into laughter with your smooth and one-of-a-kind humor. They say that was one of the reasons why you were once branded as chickboyΒ aside from your good looks, of course. πŸ˜‰ Mwah!

You’re the most loving guy I have known. I think it took great courage and even a greater deal of patience to constantly fight for and fight with the love of your life. I know how you continuously vouched your love for her. You never let anyone nor anything get in the way. You always put her first. Her happiness is your happiness. You said you’d fight for her even if it’s her you have to fight with.

You’re the most amazing guy I have known. A superhero, almost.

You’re the best guy…and I love you so much Pa.


β€œYou have my whole heart. You always did. You’re the best guy. You always were.”
― Cormac McCarthy


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