The Hobie Cat “Snapping” Experience.


This experience truly deserves a separate post from the rest of the things we did at Misibis Bay.  Not only because it was really so much fun but because this experience made an interesting turn.

So, we all decided to try the Hobie Cat Sailing on Day 2. Since, we will basically be on a catamaran with a huge sail without a motor, we are all in the mercy of the wind. And yes, we all bowed down to the skill of our sailor, Kuya Ryan.

Thus, we sailed on.

Kuya Albert and Kuya Ryan Preparing the Hobie Cat.

Leaving the shore.

Atto & Ms. Dolly sitting on the other side of the Hobie Cat.

Badzie on my side.

And splashes everywhere!

I mean everywhere.

Yes, everywhere. πŸ™‚

So we really have to strategies on how to keep ourselves in place. And mine was this:

My foot turning into a hand. πŸ˜€

After some time of enduring the unforgiving splashes of water and enjoying the strong winds, we returned for the shore.

Oh wait, I know I mentioned about things having an interesting turn. So here it goes.

Even after enjoying other activities, I knew I still wanted to ride the Hobie Cat. And when I learned that Badzie also wanted another run for it, we did. We waited for a group of ladies to finish their turn then we asked Kuya Ryan if we could still sail. And he agreed.

This time, it was only Badzie and me. Atto was enjoying the cold beach water and Ms. Dolly was relaxing on her spot by the beach umbrella.

Again, we sailed on.

Sailing again.

We took off smoothly and was rapidly making our way to the open sea.  And when we got to that spot where the shore seem to be just a thin line and just when I was about to feel like I was the King of the world, I heard the sail snapped! When I looked up, the sail was falling.

I immediately took comfort on the thought that we were on a catamaran – not much but at least it was stable. And Kuya Ryan was really alert, “killing” the displaced sail right away and assuring us that “spotters” are at bay, thus making worries fade away.

Less than 5 minutes later, we saw a jetski emerging from the direction of the shore. It was Kuya Albert to the rescue. Yes, we were fetched by a jetski. So I had to go first. Then Badz. Then they pulled the catamaran back to shore.

Safe and Sound.

We just couldn’t resist taking a dramatic picture out of the experience.


I’d still sail on a Hobie Cat again!:)



Connie interviewing Kuya Ryan habang nasa gitna ng kawalan:

Connie: Kuya, ilang beses na po napigtas tong sail ng Hobie cat?

Kuya Ryan: Pangalawa pa lang po ito Maam.

Connie and Badzie: Lucky us! πŸ™‚


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