Ready, Aim….Fun at Misibis Bay!


So little time so much to do!

We made the most out of our short vacation. With Misibis Bay’s various fun activities, it’s hard not to do so. Especially when most of them are FREE!!!! πŸ™‚

Hobiecat Sailing.

Pedal Boat.


Stand-Up Paddle (SUP)


But of course, they also have indoor activities just in case you want to take a break from the sun.


Table Tennis.

There’s ziplining as well!


I got chicken when I was about to do it. I was about to abort mission whenΒ Kuya made an offer I can’t refuse. Haha. So I did the zipline like this:

My Hero!

So whether you want some adventure or just soak under the sun or simply swim your heart out. Misibis Bay, all the way!:)


Sink or Swim.


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