A Look Around Misibis Bay.


Resort Name:  Misibis Bay
Location: Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay

Looking every inch like haven.

We arrived at the resort after noon. It was drizzling but the sun finally shone just to give us this sight:


We spent the entire afternoon going to and fro the beach and the pool. We just can’t get enough.

By the Pool.

By the Beach.

And just before tucking ourselves to bed, we wandered a little bit more:


Our Villa (Back)

The next morning, the promise of a wonderful day ahead was evidenced by this:

Good Morning Misibis!

And again the peace of aimless wandering sets in.


You gotta love the elegance of their minimalist architecture (not that I know much about architecture. hehe)

During the Eco-Tour we were brought to see their ampitheater. You know how is it when you see a place and a thousand “imaginations” kicks in?Well,  it was just like that.


For the hopeless romantics, yes, this can be done:



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