Savoy Bistro.


I don’t usually eat in expensive restaurants. And I guess most of my friends share the same habit. We often eat. That is a well known fact. And we eat at places that can satisfy our taste buds but do not damage our pockets. However, out of pure curiosity, we made an exception with Savoy Bistro.

So a Friday dinner was set with the usual suspects.

Our food trip started with these:

The starter. 

Mussels & Co. (Single – P270. Sharing – 520.)

The starter, which I honestly don’t know the name, was soooo good. The Mussels & Co. was marvelous! Very appetizing appetizers, indeed. Even Juneey, who is not a mussels fan, ate wholeheartedly. These two did set the idea that we are headed for a great dinner.

For the entree, all of us chose one of their slow braised meats – 5 Hour Merlot Braised US Oxtail.

US Oxtail served with Pimento Risotto (P740)

True to its promise – IT MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH!

As we slowly partook this dish we literally gave out “ooohhhhs” and “aaaahhhhhs” during the process. We did not order desserts because we were way too full to even attempt to do so.

And by the way, if you love art then there is yet another reason to love this place because it is also an East Asian Art Gallery.

My Personal Favorite. 🙂

We may not be doing this kind of food trip again anytime soon but we were glad we tried this place. Once again, we were all smiles!

Savoy Bistro!


Savoy Bistro is located at 8479 Kalayaan Ave. cor Fermina St., Makati City
Tel. No.: 896-5667


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