And You’re 6! ♥


Dear Carla,

Time does fly so fast. You are 6 now and I still can’t believe it was really that fast. I wasn’t there when you were born 6 years ago. If you could only imagine the torture of not being able to go home to see you. And the immeasurable joy when I finally did hold you. You were so little and chubby and cute and adorable. We smile when you smile and we smile still when you cry. 😀

Welcome to the World!

Hello There!


I know one day you’d hate us for playing with your hair or making you wear weird stuff and taking photos of you at awkward moments or even keeping videos of you while your crying but for now let us be just that. there was this little girl....

Don’t be surprised should you realize that you have a hullabaloo of a personality. You know how your name “Marrianne Carla” is a combination of our names: Maribeth+Irene+Ian+Carilyn – so I guess you will have all our good traits and yes our eccentricities as well.

I hope that when you grow up you’d remember how you never fail to amaze all of us with your out-of-this-world curiosity.

And yes how you annoy us, especially me, when you put us in an awkward moment when we argue and you’re winning.

I also hope that you’d continue to remind us to follow our own rules. Though I completely hate it when you turn my “rules” against me. I remember flinching, when your eyebrow raised while saying: “I thought you said no Coke at night Tita” just when I was gulping an ice cold one. I can’t think of any excuse so I let you take a sip. 😀

Talking to you is like talking to a mini me.

And it’s really like having a dose of my own shenanigans.

Please continue being the source of our happiness.

Carla and Papa.

Carla and Mama.

There were a lot of times when you caught me off guard with your questions and your random thoughts. Like how could I ever forget this moment:

Carla: Tita, can I call you Tits?
Me: O.O No…
Carla: Why not?
Me: (Trying not to panic) ..just because I want you to call me Tita Connie.

What a relief it was when you said okay though you looked unconvinced.

with your Minnie Mouse called Bo. 🙂

You are now 6! And I am so excited for you. There are a lot of things that await you and I just can’t wait to share with you every thing that I know. I want you to enjoy life. I want you to live your life.

There are a lot of things I want to say to you and a lot of things that I want you to remember but I think it’s better if you just hold on to this one fact to guide you by:

We Love You Unconditionally!

Our Little Lady.

And I pray that God will always bless you and guide you.


Tita Connie

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