The Sound of Munching.


So we went to Resorts World Manila with high hopes that we will be seeing the musical play Sound of Music. We bought tickets from BUYanihan which offered them at discounted prices. We have everything arranged – called Buyanihan for confirmation and seat reservation days before the event. Everything seemed to go well until the day of the show itself.

We were already there at the ticket booth when we were informed that apparently, the show scheduled at 8pm was cancelled or rather moved to 2pm to give way to the 2 Cellos Concert (which, by the way, also got cancelled). No one from BUYanihan was there to explain/assist the lost customers. It was the people from RW who received all the complaints of the irate clients when it should be BUYanihan who should take responsibility of this utter neglect for customer service. We did not receive any notice for the change of schedule. And we were trying to call the BUYanihan and a certain Marco Aventanado (the “producer”), they were conveniently out of touch.

We know there’s really no use complaining and ranting, so we moved on. Thought that we might as well make the most out of our time in Resorts World. So we did.

In our random pursuit of something to do, we ended up here:


And we were glad we did! 🙂

Oh Crabs!:)

Crispy Pata

Kinilaw na Tanigue

We did let out our frustrations alright.

The table was cleared and we were all smiles at the end of the meal. And guess what? We did get to be part of the Sound of Music!

S.O.M Casts

Yes, we ended up enjoying the Sound of Munching instead and it was fun! 🙂


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