Happy Birthday Mama Dragon! ♥


Yeah, my siblings and I fondly call her Mama Dragon. Why not when she has the temper of one. Really. Seriously. When she’s angry, I just have one advice – “KEEP OUT!”.

But don’t get us wrong, we love her just the same. After all, if she’s Mama Dragon then we are the baby dragons. And we all admit that we have “the dragon” in all of us. Haha.

Mama was a disciplinarian but of course when we were still kids we did not see it that way. We only knew that she always stands in the way – the kontra bida, the villain. I came to appreciate all her “lectures” when I was living on my own. I realized that every single thing she said, even those I considered absurd, really do make sense. She was just trying to be a mother and she was misunderstood.

Her nagging and constant prying actually saved me from a lot of bad decisions. Looking back, there were really a lot of times that I was glad she interfered, otherwise, I wouldn’t have reached where I am now. She was just trying to knock some sense into me and she was misunderstood.

Growing up, honestly, we were not that close to her. She was the working mother and Papa was the houseband. When she gets home from work we stay out of her way because she easily got irritated. Back then, I don’t understand why she’s always angry. But now, I can relate. She worked hard all day. She was tired. She was just trying to be a good provider and she was misunderstood.

This is the reason why I believe that mothers are the most misunderstood. Sometimes, or should I say oftentimes, in their wanting to give their children the best they end up being “the wicked witch”.

Up to now, there are still a lot of things that my siblings and I just don’t get about her. Some things that we just can’t figure out that we just end up saying, “Oh well, she’s Mama”. I guess, just like any other relationships, the one we have with Mama is a work in progress.

Oh, by the way, all I really wanted for this post is to be a birthday greeting for her. Haha. Happy Birthday to the strongest woman we’ve ever known, our superwoman, our number one fan, our beloved dragon – our dearest Mama! ♥

Younger Years.. 🙂

Mama and Me!

Our Family.

Proud Grandma.


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