Pedring, that was!


I braved through the unyielding wind and stubborn rain. I skillfully dodged, not all but most, irky puddles of water. I fought with the merciless cold. I can almost hear music of victory as I caught sight of the edifice of my quest. As I finally stepped at the entrance of my destination, a man in white and blue hesitantly blocked my path, his face worried with the news he was about to convey and said, “Ma’am wala pong pasok”.

My jaw effortlessly dropped. My entire body relaxed out of relief or dismay, I really was uncertain. I let out a grunt and hastily collected myself and smiled. I went up to my workstation anyway. The biometric time clock displayed 7:05am. And as I entered our department I found a handful of my officemates already there. And all of a sudden, almost in unison, we laughed. I guess this time; the early birds became the early worms.

It was the day of typhoon Pedring’s (international name “Nesat”) visit. The suspension of classes in schools came very early but for government offices it came at around 7am. Oh well, by that time I was already midway through my morning walk to work. But I can’t complain. My disappointment was nothing compared to what a lot of people went through that day. Actually, upon seeing the news on tv, my experience can be considered uneventful.

So here are some photos I took on my way home (of course with Ted’s support):

Makati Ave cor Jupiter

Fate of All Umbrellas

Poor Trees

 And here are some photos from the news networks:


Roxas Boulevard

Storm Surge

It was scary. 2 years ago Ondoy wreak havoc and then now, Pedring. But I guess most people have become more vigilant in keeping themselves safe. Again, let this be a lesson learned.


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