CSC R.A.C.E. to Serve.


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) kicked off the month-long celebration of their 111th Founding Anniversary with a fun run held last September 4, 2011 at the CCP Complex.

Was it a fun run?

Hmmmm… Let me just say that it kinda tested the patience of the runners. It was scheduled at 5am but at 6am all runners were still cramped up at the starting line. Not really fun, right? Not to mention that the sun was already starting to warm the already HOT heads of the participants.

But then, runners are runners. When the gun start was finally heard, no one and nothing can come in between the road and the runners – not even a bad temper. And when the participants were approaching the finish line, they were already all smiles.

Well, some said that they were really not disappointed because it was what they expected from a government-organized fun run in the first place. “Gobyerno kasi!“. I am a government employee and I can’t help but be saddened by the notion. It seems that, in general, people are expecting for any government event (sorry for the term) to suck. But I guess we can’t change that mentality with lip service.

For starters, I just hope that if CSC plans another fun run next year, they should at least employ the help of run organizers and they should make sure that they start on time. It would be the best and the sweetest disappointment they can give.


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