Day 1 – Coming Home.


It was not just any other trip – it was homeward bound. While I was waiting for the boarding gates to open, I must admit that my EQ meter was plummeting down. After all these years, I still would say that, indeed, there is NO place like home.

So here’s how it looked like. To get to my hometown, I flew from Manila to Dipolog City. Then took a 2-hour (more or less) bus ride from Dipolog City to my very own town – Sindangan.

Leavin the Metro

Approaching Destination

Preparing for Landing


A View from the Runway

Snapping away pictures was my idea of trying to forgetΒ  how anxious I am to finally get home.

The Bus Ride

The bus ride seemed like aeon but I finally got home safely. I was starving and tired but I really am very happy to see my family at the end of my odyssey.

In retrospect I thought, sometimes in our wanting to seek for greener pastures, we leave the very place we always wanted to be. Is it sad? Not really. For me, at least, it has always been nice to know that I have a place to come home to. And the thought of my family always being there for me no matter what or how or when or where, makes me feel that I am always home.


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