At Wit’s End


Carla, my five-year old niece, is quite a thinker. One should always be extra careful with the things he/she says to her or else… Well, let’s just put it this way:

Conversation 1
Carla was boasting that she is now well-versed with colors but I think I kinda chose the wrong time to test her skills.

Me: Unsay color sa apple? (What is the color of the apple?)
Carla: (Looks at the apple and replied in a very bored manner) Red.
Me: Very Good! Unsay color sa Love Bird? (What is the color of the Love Bird?)
Carla: (Sighs) Kapoy na ko Tita uy! (But I am tired Tita!)
Me: Sige na gud. Last na lagi, promise. (C’mon! It’s the last one, I promise.)
Carla: (Gives me her defiant look) Sige gud. (Alright then.) Ummmmm…. (At this point I thought I won. Then she said cheerfully) Parehas sa imong T-Shirt Tita! (Same color as your shirt Tita!).
Me: (Realized that I spoke too soon) Ummmm…. Very Good?

Yeah, I know. That kid makes me look like a dumbass

Conversation 2
My sister talking to her on the phone:

My Sister: Unsa’y gusto nimo nga pasalubong? (What do you want me to get you when I go home?)
Carla: Pang-luto2x! (Cookwares!)
My Sister: Ok! So–
Carla: (Interrupts) Ay! Pwede duha kabuok? Usa ka yellow dayon usa ka blue. (Can you buy me two? One yellow and one blue.)
My Sister: Ngano man? (Why?)
Carla: Ummmm…tagsa mi ni Marco (Marco is Carla’s baby brother). (It’s for me and Marco).
My Sister: Oh! Ngano apilon man nimo si Marco magluto? Mabayot gani to siya. (Why would you like Marco to cook? He might become gay!) (Of course, my sister was trying to say her opinion that cooking is primarily for girls rather than boys but quite fell short when Carla retorted..).
Carla: Ngano diay? Si Papa nako magluto man lagi, bayot diay siya? (Why? My Papa cooks, will that make him gay?)
My Sister: (Caught off guard) Ummmmmmmm…. Ay o diay no? Nakalimot man ko uy! Hehe (Oh.. I forgot. Hehe.)
Carla: (With an accusing tone) Hmph! Nakalimot nasad ka?? (Hmph! You forgot again?)
My Sister: Huh? (Obviously dumbfounded).

Yep! It’s a constant battle of wits. Oh well, she’s Carla. πŸ™‚


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