A Taste of Pinoy!


I must admit, I have the most pinoy taste buds ever (can’t appreciate any other cuisine more than I love Pinoy Food). I can go a year without pizza nor burger but not a day without rice.Β  That is the reason why I particularly love these restaurants:

Gerry’s Grill and Pixie’s Sinugba

Restaurant Name: Gerry’s Grill
Location: Check HERE!
Delivery Hotline: 332-1111

Kinilaw na Tanigue (P195)

Their Kinilaw na Tanigue (Spanish Mackerel Ceviche) is heavenly! Around the metro, I would say, that they have the best Kinilaw na Tanigue. The common mistake of other restaurant in preparing this dish is they soak the fish into the vinegar/lemon mixture way too long that when it is served it gives that gummy (definitely not yummy) texture. Gerry’s Grill times it just right that when it arrives on the table it looks and tastes fresh! Yummy!!

Tahong ala Pobre (P155)

This one too is a must-try – sweet and the buttery taste is not that overwhelming.

Inihaw na Pusit (P325)

Gerry’s Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) is, what could I say, ummmm…delicious! There are really no other words to describe it but that. I promise you it really is!

Cara-Beef Tapa (P295)

This selection is quite new to the menu, nonetheless it was able to amaze me – very tender and seasoned very well. It will surely play with one’s taste buds.

For the list of Gerry’s delectable menu, click HERE!

Pixie’s Sinugba
Location: Check HERE!
Delivery Hotline: (02) 922-3333

Sinugbang Bangus (P188)

Pixie’s bestseller is their Sinugbang Bangus (Inihaw na Bangus/Grilled Milkfish). Well, if you get to taste it, you can easily understand why. πŸ™‚

Inang Gulay (P92)

Not everyone will actually love this selection – a combination of okra, patola and kamote tops – but I do! πŸ™‚

Click HERE for complete Menu.

There you have them! Do try them all and enjoy!!! πŸ˜€


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