NBA Fit Run 2011


This is the sequel to the NBA Fit Run 2011 Race Results that I posted a while ago. I got overly excited over the Race Results that I postponed the posting of photos taken during the event.

So how was the event? Ummmmm… I guess, the fact that I attained a new PR for myself during this fun run will basically influence my decision to say that the event is great. Not to mention that I finally had my picture taken with Coach Rio and Ted got his with NBA Coach Spo and Daniel saw soulmate 5222 (ooooppps! Sorry Dandidoy).

The outstanding complaint will have to be what I call – the uneconomically distributed energy drink.

The Gatorade Booth

Yep! This was the Gatorade booth before it’s eventual collapse. I wasn’t able to witness the said collapse of the majestic booth but I guess people who got so disappointed with the distribution system (well, if you call it a system) silently celebrated on the poor Gatorades’ demise.

This is us clowning around at the photo booth line. The line wasn’t just long and winding but it was muddy and did I say loooooonng? But we got our picture at the booth. Whew!

So let me just get to the interesting photos which took great valiance and courage to procure:

Ted with NBA Coach Spo.

We were lining up for the photo booth when the commotion took place which only suggested that the VIPs have arrived. We didn’t want to leave the line so Ted “sacrificed” and joined the crowd at the VIP tent. Ted suddenly disappeared. It was almost our turn and he has not returned yet. Daniel finally set out to find him. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, this photo was the reason for the mysterious disappearance.

Coach Rio with USomeness! πŸ˜€

Even in the previous fun runs, I have always bugged Ted with my brilliant game plan – TAKE MY PICTURE WITH COACH RIO IN THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE WE GET. And Ted, has always agreed. I guess, I was really running lucky during this event. Before the take off of the 21K, I saw Coach Rio pass us by. And I was like a kid swooning over him (Ted has always been very supportive). Then Rio was invited to go onstage to say some inspiring words to the runners. For a moment there, I held my breath. Then he spoke. Then the daydreaming ENDED! Just go figure. But still, a game plan is a game plan and I still like Coach Rio – therefore, this PICTURE. πŸ˜€


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