Carla’s Pets.


My 5-year old niece has developed a fondness to animals. Like us, she grew in a very provincial and laid-back place where nature is her constant partner.




Bamba and Bambi

The Nameless Turtle

Love Birds

The Dogs

Bella is her favorite dog. She’d always come at cross with me every time she tries to sneak Bella inside the room. She’d even try to negotiate just so she can have her way but no matter how cute she is when she makes that “i am not afraid of you” face, I am fixed with my NO.

The Goats

The oddest pet Carla has so far are the goats. Shaun was brought to the house when Carla was turning 4. Shaun was supposed to be one of the “dishes” in Carla’s 4th Birthday but she fell in love with the goat and won’t stop crying when she learned that Shaun will be butchered the following day. So yes, she won. Shaun lived. And a year after, he’s still there (plus the horns). Sometimes, my heart skips a beat every time I see Carla playing with Shaun. C’mon, a little girl playing with a goat with horns like that is a bit scary! But Shaun lets Carla do whatever she wants. They’re friends alright.

The Turtle

She used to have 3 turtles (I think) but when it rained so hard one night, the mini pond got flooded and the next morning Carla was left with only one. And I guess after that, she made sure she stops by the mini pond every now and then just to make sure her turtle is still there.

The Love Birds

She gets so excited when she talks about how fast her love birds multiplied. Against my will, she will always drag me towards their cage just to say “Hi!” even if that means I have to leave at the crucial part of a TV Series.

The Blind Fish

Although I wasn’t able to get a picture of this amazing pet of hers, Carla does have a blind goldfish. I swear. Apparently, the said fish was attacked by the fighting fish thus the blindness. It’s just amazing to see the sightless fish still surviving.

I love seeing my niece and her ways with animals. I didn’t want her to grow up afraid of every single animal she sees. I want to see her explore. I want to see her having fun with nature at it’s magnificent creatures. Well, among others, I just want her to enjoy being a kid.


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