My Feel Go♥D Playlist…


One of the many things that helps me survive my run is a good song playlist. Among others, I have my so-called “Feel Go♥d Playlist which includes but is not limited to these songs:

Some Kind of Wonderful by Michael Buble

I Only Know When I’m In Your Embrace
Then This World Seems A Better Place
And Something Happens To Me
You Know It’s Some Kind Of Wonderful

Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows

How Much Longer Will It Take To Cure This
Just To Cure It Cause I Can’t Ignore It If It’s Love
Makes Me Wanna Turn Around And Face Me
But I Don’t Know Nothing ‘Bout Love

Music of the Sun by Rihanna

Can’t You Feel The Music In The Air
Close Your Eyes Let The Rhythm Take You There
Doesn’t Matter Who You Are Or Where You’re From
Come And Dance To The Music Of The Sun

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Drench Yourself In Words Unspoken
Live Your Life With Arms Wide Open
Today Is Where Your Book Begins
The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Rule the World by Take That

Yeah You And Me We Can Ride On A Star
If You Stay With Me Girl, We Can Rule The World
Yeah You And Me We Can Light Up The Sky
If You Stay By My Side, We Can Rule The World

Roll with the Punches by Lenka

When Life Tries To Knock All The Wind Out Of You
You’ve Got To Roll, Roll, Roll With The Punches
If All Life Offers Is Black And Blue
You’ve Got To Roll, Roll, Roll With The Punches

Life Goes On by Leanne Rimes

Oh Life Goes On
And It’s Only Gonna Make Me Strong
It’s A Fact, Once You Get On Board
Say Goodbye Cause You Can’t Go Back

Promises by The Cranberries

You’d Better Believe I’m Coming
You’d Better Believe What I Say
You’d Better Hold On To Your Promises
Because You Bet You’ll Get What You Deserve

Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

I Got A Pocket
Got A Pocket Full Of Sunshine
I’ve Got A Love And I Know That It’s All Mine
Do What You Want
But You’re Never Gonna Break Me
Sticks And Stones Are Never Gonna Shake Me

Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.. 😀


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