Let’s Dive!


I am a beach person, so I have been finding it difficult to carry my baby around (Canon PowerShot G12) with me through my beach escapades without worrying it might get wet.

And for quite some time I have been wanting to possess, oh yes possess, the WP-DC34 (Underwater Casing for my baby). But the problem is, it is so expensive here in the Philippines. And I mean really expensive to the extent that you can already buy a new point-and-shoot camera with it’s price.

So, I waited – a long and agonizing wait…until.

Finally, I have it! Thanks to my friend Mitsu who was so dear in buying me one in Singapore – 40% less expensive than what we have here.

Canon WP-DC34

This sweet thing can reach up to 40 meters/130 ft. underwater! πŸ˜€


with the diffusion plate

The diffusion plate should be used when shooting with flash so the light can be distributed evenly.

I have yet to test this new baby…. so uhmmmm..Β  Where to? Let’s dive! πŸ˜€


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