An Exotic Adventure! :D


Restaurant Name:
Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant (Folk Food, Folk Art)

Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant

Angono, Rizal, Philippines

How to Get There (from Makati)?

  1. Take the MRT: Buendia to Shaw Station/Star MallΒ  (Fare: P11.00).
  2. Go to the Binangonan Terminal (EDSA side of Star Mall).
  3. Take the Van/FX going to Binangonan (Fare: P50). You can simply request the driver to drop you off at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant (Travel Time: 30-45mins).

Why go there?

  1. They serve sumptuous EXOTIC food, and
  2. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s an art gallery as well!

The Menu:

Exotic Dishes Menu

They also serve Adobong Baboy Ramo/Wild Boar (P380) and tapang Usa/Deer.

For the less adventurous, no need to fret, they also serve regular dishes so you won’t get hungry with the variety of food they offer (sorry I didn’t bother getting the list).

The Art Gallery:
They showcase artworks – painting and sculptures – in a three-storey (semi) shack. So while you wait for your food to be served, you can go around the place to check their interesting art pieces.



The Food:
These are the things we ordered from their list of Exotic Dishes

Adobong Baboy Ramo

This one is must-try. It’s really delicious and they did a good job in adding a kiss of spiciness to the dish. Meat is cooked just right. Bravo!

Adobong Uok

If you are one who sips the life out of the head of a shrimp, then the experience of eating Uok is a bit similar to that. You actually don’t eat the membrane because it’s really chewy. You just have to it what’s inside. I was surprised that it was delicious. Bravo again!

Soup No. 5

I love this dish as well. When you’re eating this, you actually forget what it really is. Hehe. It’s so yummy!

Fried Itik – not part of the Exotic Menu (P190)

There’s nothing special about the fried Itik. It’s just like fried chicken and nothing more. One of the “safe” food to order if you’re not into the Exotic options.

Nilasing na Palaka

The Nilasing na Palaka looks like chicken but the consistency of the meat is more of that of pork. A must-try as well.

The Whole Experience:
It was worth it! Well, at least for me who always want to try something “different”. Honestly, given that everything we ordered are really delicious, eating them is not even challenging. The flavor outbids the strangeness.

So we gobbled everything and were quite pleased with our accomplishment.

Please, if you know some place which offers Exotic/Exciting Food options, please let me know. Please. Please. Please. And if by any chance you know where to find Balbacua here in Metro Manila, shoot! πŸ˜€



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