Bad Mint On! :D


I’ve played Badminton for quite some time now but I didn’t realize what BADMINTON really means until I played last Monday without doing the necessary  STRETCHING… I was just way to excited to play again that I ignored the rule of thumb – never go out there without STRETCHING! STRETCHING! STRETCHING! As expected, I woke up the following morning with excruciating pain.

So, due to extreme muscle pain, I have no choice but to succumb to the power of the pain-relieving patch, thus BAD (smellin’) MINT (is) ON (me)! If you are familiar with Salonpas by Hisamitsu, you will know exactly what I mean.

But of course, I’ll just charge this misfortune to experience. Hehe.

So, how’s my Badminton escapades so far?


Our first attempt to learn the game – December 2009.

Bryan and Ted – My badminton buddies!

Random photo taken last November 8, 2010.



The DBP Badminton Club

During the DBP Badminton Club Tournament last December 18, 2010.

with Ms. Roselle


Champion at last! 😀

Another DBPBC’s Tourney last March 19, 2011. Finally, I got me a trophy!!!! Of course, a special thank you is due to my very patient partner – Ms. Roselle.

A strenuous training and a couple of tournaments later, I am still happily playing. I don’t plan to play my way to the Olympics (as if!). This is just my way to have fun and stay fit. 😀 And even if I don’t get to play as often as I should, still yeah, I’ll continue smashin’! 😀


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  1. Ma’am Connie,

    I’m an avid badminton player here in our locality. I’m from Catarman Branch. How can i join at DBP Badminton Club? I would love to join any tournament in there. Thanks.


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