It’s so High School! :)


Last Friday, I met with two of my good old friends from high school -Jeftot and Plo Plo (that’s what I fondly call Jef, the future Diplomat and Adolfo, the future lawyer) and I was glad to see them after a long while. I can’t stop feeling happy about the irony of things. Yes, we have changed a lot but we are actually still the same “high schoolers” – noisy, rowdy and just plainly crazy.

We have took on different endeavors and I was quite proud of our batch which leads me to reminisce about our high school life.

There are 3 High Schools in our town (2 public and 1 private)- Sindangan National Agricultural School (SNAS), Sindangan National High School (SNHS) and St. Joseph College (SJC). I had no second thoughts in choosing SNHS as my high school. And I wasn’t mistaken in doing so.

Ate Che, Karen, Me and Christie Joy.

Freshmen: Majority of my friends from my elementary school also chose SNHS, so it was like grade school all over again except that we are really now in high school. We said goodbye to some of our elementary classmates but we also said hello to new ones.



This was taken during the Centennial Celebration of Independence (June 1998).

Sophomores: I am not quite sure when these next series of photos were taken. I am guessing Second Year.

Christie Joy, Karen, Me and Merpe.

I have known these guys for like an eternity. I have known Christie Joy since grade school. Merpe has been my classmate since Kinder Garten. And Karen was my archenemy in Grade II (haha!).Β  P.S. The background is actually our field. It transforms into a pond every time it rains.




Although we have different groups, the entire class was really close to each other. We all get along. There may be times that we don’t but at the end of the day, we still were united as one – II Gold!



Juniors: A lot of things happened during our third year in high school. We became Champions in our Intramurals (sorry Seniors!). We also bagged Championship during our Literary Night (sorry again Seniors). Our school aced the Quiz Bee among the High Schools in our Municipality. And Ms. SNHS came from our batch as well. It was a very exciting year for all of us.



Erna Turno, Monjean (back), Me, Miraluna Hayno (standing), Elynisa Cena, Lourdes Bermejo, Ardilla (back standing) and Edilson Paloso.

Krisha Meghann Almocera Tan and Maribeth Consuelo Sevilleno Ortuoste πŸ˜€


CommArts Festival


Can’t help but smile every time I see this picture. It reminds me of the things that went on during this shot – how we got insane and headed to the studio, who we’re with and stuff like that. Krisha a.k.a Shang was one of the people who I never thought will become one of my closest friends. She was kinda bratty (hehe!) but she was a true friend and she still is. Shang, Jef, Merpe, and Karen were my closest friends in high school.





Taken during the Provincial Communications Art Festival at Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte. I think my event was Oration. Shang tagged along (for the love of me? hehehe.) and we ended up as back-up dancers to the Rapping event. Good times!



Seniors: We successfully defended our title througout the academic year. Ummmmm…yes, this was also the time that I joined the “world” of Beauty Contest (ayayay! I’m not sure if I will be proud of it or be embarrassed but it did happen. Haha!)


FTW! Hahahah! πŸ™‚

And the proof…. Hahaha! :0













The Gang: Jason Gum-Os Ramos, Mary Jef Albacite Omolon, Karen Tess Malunes Culanculan, Me, Mrs. Noralyn Relampagos Sabanal (our Adviser), Krisha Meghan Almocera Tan and Merpe Carvajal Naong.

So yes, we had a great high school experience. And as we continue on the journey called life, we can happily look back and be thankful that we had a meaningful and fruitful experience. Thanks SNHS! Thanks to all the people who made it wonderful.






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    • wow buti kapa con may mga remembrance kapa na tira….its nice to look back in high school days…lots of kabulastogan..hehehehe i really miss this things hope we meet soon..bit2 mga kids natin….i really miss u guys

  1. had fun reading this….kahinumdum ko nuon (teary eyed daw…hahahha)…..

    hope to read more stuffs like this….


  2. wahahahaha.wt a face during hyskul………….mura man me ug mga kingkoy ani con oi…….thanks d i na post u ang mga pics.

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