Thank you! :)


I just realized recently that it’s been a month since I started this blog – a month and 4 days to be exact.. πŸ™‚ The main reason why I created a blog is because I want to shun away from Discount Sites i.e. Deal Grocer, CashCash Pinoy, Metrodeal, Buyanihan…etc. They wreak havoc to my financial situation. Hahaha. So I decided to create a diversion, thus this blog.

My blog is like a hodgepodge of my thoughts and feelings, of my past and present, of my dreams and realities. I keep everything simple because that is who I am –Β  I write to express and not to impress.

As of today, May 23, 2011, I have 1,451 hits. That is an average of 42 hits per day. And honestly, it made me smile. I guess, it’s only proper and fitting that I thank everyone.

To those who have read my blog intentionally or accidentally, to those who read my blog and liked or hated it, to those who read it out of boredom or raw curiosity, to those who have read it and smiled or frowned…thank you. πŸ˜€

I thank those who I have touched – to those who took the time in letting me know that I made them laugh or cry. I thank those who felt my pain and apprehensions, my joy and bliss – to those I know and don’t know too well who learned a part of me.

So I hope that I will be able to reach out to you in my own simple way. I may have started this blog with a very shallow intention but I’ll continue writing under the assumption that in doing so one less person shall be bored or one more person shall laugh, or perhaps one more person will get irritated or one more person will raise her/his brow, in any rate…I shall write.

Thank you.


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