My Public (School) Life! :)


I am proud to say that I am a product of the public school system. And I am proud to say that I was taught well. I am lucky to have been nurtured, trained and advised by great teachers who, up to now, I hold dear in my heart.

In grade school, I went to Sindangan Pilot Demonstration School (SPDS) and I can still remember, more than the names, the warmth, lessons and discipline these teachers have imparted to me (I hope my memory won’t fail me):

Grade I    :    Mrs. Estrera
Grade II  :    Mrs. Carloto
Grade III:    Mrs. Albos
Grade IV:     Ms. Bucoy
Grade V  :     Mrs. Buot
Grade VI:     Mrs. Batula

My Grade I teacher did a great job in preparing me for the remaining 5 years of my grade school life. She was warm, very patient and soft-spoken yet she knew when to exert her authority. I learned my a-e-i-o-u’s without feeling that I’ll be shot to death if I didn’t get it right.

I was kind of scared of my grade II teacher because she was really a disciplinarian and she’s good in Math. Perhaps, I got scared of her because I am scared of Math (hehehe). She can smell kids who didn’t study or didn’t do their own homework. She was able to teach me to be independent and resourceful.

Grade III came as a breeze. My teacher was so motherly and kind. She’s that someone I don’t want to disappoint or see upset because she really was a very nice person and a very good teacher. She got ill in the middle of the year and oftentimes was absent from class and it got me sad. We were left in the guidance of our equally patient substitute teacher and teachers from nearby classrooms. She soon passed away due to cancer.

My Grade IV teacher was the 2nd teacher I was scared of (hehehe). She’s silent scary. I mean, she didn’t have to shout or wail, her mere presence silence the entire classroom. I learned to love Science because of her. I learned to write proper cursive because of her. And I was inspired to do more in school because of her. I don’t know but I admire her genius. (P.S. She always have Quaker Oats and Eggnog for recess.)

Another Math genius and another teacher on my scary-teacher-list, that’s my 5th Grade teacher. When she sees that you’re doing something wrong, she reprimands you right there and then with a voice that seemingly echoes to the entire campus (haha!). She helped me straighten my Multiplication though. Sometimes, an iron hand can work wonders on hard-headed kids. She helped me aim higher and supported me well through all the competitions I joined. Her approval in everything I do and her proud smile every time I ace something, mattered much to me.

My 6th Grade teacher equipped me with things I need to survive my High School life. She guided me earnestly through every thing. With her I learned that I can write my thoughts and I can share it. With her I developed a love-hate relationship with public speaking. With her I realized that 1 out of 3 ain’t bad. She’s a great teacher and I would like to believe that I’ve been a good pupil.

My “public” academic life continued through high school and college. I went to Sindangan National High School (SNHS) and the University of Philippines-Diliman, respectively. And guess what, I am even in a Government Financial Institutions right now – DBP.

I may have not experienced the luxury or the perks of a private school but I tried to survive. To note, I only learned to use the computer when I was in college already because we didn’t have computers in our school during my elementary and secondary education (1992-2002) but I tried my best to adapt. And the lessons I learned from my teachers are far greater than the hindrance and challenges posed by technology and modern equipment. 

So, I say thank you to my teachers. And I salute all teachers out there! 🙂 “Be proud you are a teacher, the future depends on you”.


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