A Time to Share.


When we think of children, the aged, the PWDs and the like; the thought of sharing comes easy. But it takes a whole different feel when we think about prisoners. I guess, most of us will be hesitant to share to people who were branded as criminals. It’s difficult to fathom that you will share to this people who are considered dangerous and are tagged as “sinners” by the society. But then, if we think really hard, these people also need our help. They are the abandoned, the condemned, the forgotten…and they need help.

So when my office mate/team leader/Achi, Ms. Mafel, told me that she’s planning to distribute toiletries to the prisoners of Lipa City Jail, I was more than willing to jump in. A number of our office mates joined as well, together with her friends and relatives.

It took quite some time to come up with enough toiletries for the entire inmates. I would like to commend her unwavering effort in tediously preparing everything for the big day. Not to mention that she transports the heavy packages of toiletries from Makati to Lipa everytime she goes home all by herself. Superwoman, indeed.


It’s sad to note that something like toiletries that we just take for granted every day is already considered as luxury to these inmates. It was nice being able to help.

Time to Share.

To Ms. Maf, keep up the excellent work! ‘Til the next project! πŸ™‚

May 14, 2011
Lipa City Jail, Lipa, Batangas


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