They look really funny when they fight. Theseย  scheming young rascals just won’t accept defeat. They hit each other, pull each others’ hair, pinch each others’ face and so on. The last one to deliver the final “blow” shall win!

The fight usually ends with the “Loser’s Wail” and it looks something like this:

The "Loser's Wail" and The Victory Pose!

And sometimes, an unannounced rematch shall conspire resulting to something like this:

Siblings shall be siblings. They love each other, they hate each other. But most of the time they actually bond like this:

They sleep together.

They swim together.

They tinker together.

They pose together ๐Ÿ™‚

So we let them be. Before we knew it, they’re back to being best buds again.


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  1. So true!Especially now, marco already knows how to fight back..poor ate carla..But in times you will see them protecting each other..You need to see marco’s reaction when his ate carla is spanked. He will really cry..but when the situation is the other way around, carla will laugh..hehe!

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