Russ and Shaal.


We know how we usually joke about getting married more than once, right?

Guess what? This couple did just that. They married twice on the same day (yes, twice with each other!). The reason? It’s a long story. I would need a different entry for that. So for now, let’s just enjoy their wonderful wedding.

It was an intimate, solemn and romantic wedding; graced by the presence of their family and close friends.

The Dashing Bride

The Handsome Groom

I guess it’s true when they say that it’s not the wedding that defines the couple, it’s the couple who defines the wedding.

Russ and Shaal successfully shared a part of themselves to all who celebrated with them. The kulitan. The iyakan. The entirety of the MOMENT.

With that,! best wishes and congratulations!

April 30, 2011
Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan
Photography: CWorks Photography


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