House of Memories.


Every time I come home, I look at this house and memories keep flooding in. After all, this was the house I grew up in. And even if we no longer live in this house, I still gaze at it with a promise that someday it will come to life again. Someday.

Our Old House

Yeah, no denying, it looks like a Haunted House now.


It used to have a terrace where I used to spend time and daydream.

Our very own playground!

When we play hide-and-seek, believe me, you wouldn’t want to be the “it”. With this terrain, finding the rest of the gang was almost a “mission impossible”.

We skinned our knees here. Dove face first into the uneven ground. At some point, I loss consciousness when I fell off this mini wall we fondly call “Green nga Semento” (Thanks to my Ate Irene, the culprit).

Despite all the “accidents” we just get up and pretend nothing happened or else we will endure the long and annoying nagging of Mama. πŸ™‚

In this house, we encountered snakes, bayawak and all interesting creatures. I used to think it was normal to have them lurking around. Hehe. For the record, I killed two snakes here (no kidding!).

So this house still stands. A home that reminds me of how happy our childhood was. Provincial. Simple. Happy.


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      • bitaw libre tanan creatures dha ug tan-aw..hehhhe! we really grew up with snakes to pop out anytime they want.hehhhe!…and eat the eggs of papa’s hen…

  1. You made me cry..huhu!kabalo ba ka pila ka lata floorwax ako nahurot anang balaya!hehe!I really miss our old dreams oftentimes include the memory of our old yet precious house..pila ka halas imo napatay Con, 2 ra? akoa jud daghan jud..hehe!

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