MAPmories… :)


Management Associates Program (MAP) is a one-year training program of the Development Bank of Philippines for would-be junior officers of the Bank.

So this is just one of the many posts that I will be making inorder to relive the moment.

Corporate Culture (October 3, 2007)
Ma’am Estrella Aclan
Ma’am Rosalia Oraa



MAP Batch 3!

PEAK: Team Building (October 12, 2007)


Payatot Pa!

Boy Puti!

Milk for my cereal, Coffeemate for my face!

Toxic Waste Challenge


Yellow LASER beams

what's in a bag of NIPS?

Pile Up!

MAP 306: Effective Client Relations (December 10-11, 2007)
Mr. Joey Pacheco
Ms. Porky

Pottery Factory

The Customer.

Picture Frame.

Hang in there!

Henson P. Rizal

Hulaan Mo!

Happy times. Happy moments. Those were the days.



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