Heavenly Haven…


It was a weekend that my friends and I were looking forward to. After all, we are desperate to get away from work-related stress (char!). A vacation is long overdue. But what’s better than a vacation? A vacation spent together with special friends (weh?).

Allow me to share my experience in Dakak Beach Resort. Dakak is located in Dapitan City in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte. Yes, the same city where our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal was exiled. We were so excited to visit the place. Thanks to Russ and Shaal, we were able to have a “valid” reason to fly to the place. And it was awesome!


Enrty point is the Dipolog City Airport. Cebu Pacific ETD was at 10:40am and we arrived at Dipolog around 12nn (PAL’s ETD is earlier). We were then transferred to Dakak through a mini bus/coaster that took about 40-45mins.






Given that it’s summer and the place (both Dipolog and Dapitan) is a coastal area – it was really really hot! The coaster didn’t help because the AC is not doing it’s part. But then, I am the kind of person who doesn’t mind little details like that. Again, it’s SUMMER (what do I expect?)! Add to that the fact that I grew up in this Province so a “little heat” won’t hurt me..:) I would have even preferred to have the windows down (oh well) because unlike here in Metro Manila, ang Probinsiya – no matter how hot it gets – still has the “fresh air”.

Finally, Dakak…

Accommodation? Uhmmm.. Let me see. We were a party of 9 (supposedly 10 but one wasn’t able to make it) so we booked 2 Barkadahan Package (Quadruple Sharing, 3days/2nights stay, No Food, P5,900) and 1 Dakak Ta Bay – Package A (Twin Sharing, 3days/2nights, Inclusive of Food, P3,850). I know right? It’s (I won’t say cheap) affordable! πŸ™‚

The room did not WOW me but it did not appall me as well. I don’t plan to stay there the whole time anyway. The beach is the place to be!:)

When I think about it, it’s quite embarrassing to note thatΒ  it’s my first time to visit Dakak when I actually came from the same province. But boy am I glad that I finally did!

I swear the beach is just jaw-dropping. Sand – white and fine. Water – cool and clear. Picturesque!


The Cove

La Vida!

Food – delicious and fresh. Although service is kinda slow, the crew were courteous and friendly (of course! be friendly yourself. no one would like to be friendly to a bratty bitch dear). Very sumptuous and affordable as well. For a Filipino Breakfast or American Breakfast, you will be filling your tummy with Sikwate/Coffee/Tea, your choice of main course (Filipino: Tapa/Danggit,/Longganisa with rice…etc; American: Bacon/Ham/Sausages with bread/croissant) mixed fruits, and fresh juice.

Filipino Breakfast (P230)

American Breakfast (P230)

"Sikwate" (Hot Chocolate)

Aside from the beach, they also have 3 swimming pools – a kiddie pool, a “normal pool” (4ft-6ft) and a “almost for diving” pool (6ft-9ft).

The "Normal Pool" (4ft-6ft)

Pseudo-Diving Pool (6ft-9ft)

Dakak is a beautiful place. Given the chance, I would love to return to this heavenly haven. Not everyone will agree with me, I know. So the best thing is for you to experience it first hand. Will I recommend the place? Why not?!

Warning: It may not be a place for party freaks. Night life is not as alive as that of Bora. But for those who want to relax and be one with nature. Go!


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