Feeling Filling Station!


This place was first introduced to me by my friend Bianca when we were still “living in” together. πŸ™‚ At first, I thought it’s just one of those “Bars” along P. Burgos (if you know what I mean) but then it turned out to be a place with sumptuous food for your tummy to fill and interesting stuff for your eyes to marvel (not to mention to take a lot of pictures with)!


Filling Station Bar Cafe is located at P. Burgos, Poblacion, Makati City (near the Royal Bellagio).

Baby Back Ribs. Chicken Wings. Shrimpy!

My Heroes: Superman, The Godfather...and Coke? πŸ˜€

If these won't catch your eyes, I don't know what will.

You also get to see their sexy waitresses do the twist! Yehess, they dance around to Elvis Presley’s “Let’s Do the Twist!” (not the entire time though).

Ummm… I don’t know but I think I like this Bar better than Hooters (sorry Hooters Lovers)! πŸ˜€ Hehehe. Try it! Try it! Try it!


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