I have to get rid of that unwanted visitor. He strolls around as if he owns my place. I hate how he became so comfortable around me that my presence does not bother him anymore. I kicked him out once, when I suddenly had a flash of courage but that courage was not enough for me to totally get rid of him. He came back. No remorse. I hate him. That mouse!


Plans. Not all of them will come true. Some will be forgotten. Some needs to be forgotten. And some should never be remembered.


I came home and though I do not see him around, I know he has been through my things. I hate to imagine it. Once again I felt blood rushing into my head. I can not think straight. I am just so appalled by the mere thought of his presence. I looked around but not really wanting to get a glimpse of him. I do not know, it now has become a habit. I hate him. That mouse!





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