Time + Priorities


Among the many tasks that press us for time and attention, a few are more important for getting us ahead towards our targets than others. Assign to them a higher priority. Take them on as opportunities for pressing forward to our goals.

For a number of weeks now, we have talked about the importance of time, the need for us to manage our time thus setting forth priorities to put order into our lives and make the most out of our precious time. The theme for the week is not that far from what have been discussed before. We can actually sum up this week’s theme into a single word: PRIORITIES. Therefore, it will only be proper and fitting that I will be discussing about setting priorities. However, allow me to discuss the lighter side of setting priorities. Yes, lighter nevertheless important – things that we do most of the time and busy ourselves with – mundane things, nevertheless worth mentioning.

How many of us here have spent the time and effort in bringing other people down because we are so convinced that we are in a competition, that we refused to work with others, notwithstanding the fact that the same amount of time and effort could have been spent in pushing other people up and working with them as opposed to working against them. The former could give a competitive spirit temporary satisfaction but the latter will bring about greater good.

How many of us here have spent the time and effort in hating other people, enjoying the never-ending discussion on each and every annoying detail of their flaws and weaknesses when in fact the same time and effort could have been spent in understanding where the other person may be coming from and recognizing their abilities and strengths.

These are what we may call misdirected efforts brought about by distorted priorities which serve a futile purpose and a feckless goal. Don’t get me wrong, we know our priorities, of course we do BUT the things I previously mentioned get in the way. Perhaps because it’s sometimes fun to do those things, what is NOT fun though is when we consciously or unconsciously replace our real priorities with distorted ones. From here, I hope each and every one of us will be able re-evaluate our priorities to avoid misdirected efforts. As Henry David Thoreau once said: “Don’t be just good, be good for something”.

To cut it short, allow me to leave you with three rules:

Rule Number 1: Let us set our priorities, whether in our work or in our personal life, straight.

Rule Number 2: Memorize rule number one.

Rule Number 3: Refer to rule number 2.

Thank you and a pleasant week to everyone!


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