MAP 603 – Reflection


30 MAY 2008
MAP 603

They say when Gautama Buddha sat under a certain tree at a certain time in a very distant past and contemplated, he was enlightened. When I sat in the training room listening to the speakers, I felt like Buddha.

NEDA’s Deputy Dir.-Gen., Rolando G. Tungpalan, discussed on the “Super” Regions and it was really great to hear the promising plans and on-going efforts to achieve growth and development by harnessing our so-called “Natural Advantage”. This “Natural Advantage” is also the “Niche” Hon. Herbert Bautista was stressing on. We must first identify our “Natural Advantage” or our “Niche”, and then develop it to propel our growth. It is also important to note that plans should be aligned. The plan of LGUs should be in support with that of the NG; otherwise efforts will be deemed futile. It will be likened to a group of people trying to carry a heavy load from one place to another, but are pulling in different directions. We will be no different to these people if we do not align goals – we will be going nowhere.

The next two speakers also imparted a vital lesson: Set your vision. Know where you want to go, and then choose the best avenue to get there. Dr. Victor B. Endriga and Hon. Sigfrido R. Tiñga traversed different roads and implored different tactics in getting to one destination, and that destination is the betterment of the lives of their constituents. They may differ in approaches but both delivered favourable results and promising futures.

The things I mentioned are but a few of the many things I am yet to learn and as a whole I would say, there was a time in my life when I felt like I am standing too near in front of a wall…my nose almost touching its surface. At that moment what I saw was a blur, it seemed like nothing made sense and an impending headache was threatening to attack. I hate that state. The lectures I heard yesterday and the Management Associates Program, as a whole, taught me to move away from the wall. And as I was taking struggling steps backwards, I realized that the wall was painted with a very beautiful picture.

When I thought that life is a blur, the idea of becoming a part of DBP as a development banker helped me see my purpose…helped me see the very beautiful picture.


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