“Strive to begin things well. Then assiduously pursue them up to the very end, so you finish all things well. In the new DBP, there can be no room for less than dedicated service from start to finish.”


Indeed, it is true that the most difficult challenge we will have in accomplishing a task is to set our minds to begin. It is not even to “begin things well” but to simply “begin”. This has not been more evident than when I was making this commentary – it is hard when words won’t arrange themselves on their own, you know.

So to properly begin, I say the worst enemy of our goal to begin things well is the infamous procrastination. Who doesn’t know Garfield? The cat who loves to procrastinate, so much, that he procrastinated to procrastinate. We could not afford to be “garfields” in DBP nor in our personal lives. Well, we can be cute, adorable and we can like lasagna; but we can not procrastinate.

We are only humans. And we could not be any guiltier when it comes to procrastination. Let me cite a very popular scenario: a person that we will be calling a mapee, will be saying this; I was not able to study much because I planned to study after fixing my stuff, and I will fix my stuff after I finish eating all the food I could eat, and I will eat after buying all those food. And the point is, we always procrastinate. If we can not begin, there is nothing to pursue and absolutely nothing to finish. If we can not begin, then we can not begin well at all.

Procrastination is backed up by mediocrity supported further by self centeredness. We could only do away with procrastination if we start to think that what we are going to do is not only for ourselves but for the good of the greater number of people. It is easy to rationalize our lack of competitiveness to begin things well when we think only about ourselves. We could simply dismiss things with: it is ok, it is only going to affect me anyway. But if we know that not doing things would cost someone his life, if we are going to think further of the butterfly effect of our actions, we will not want to procrastinate. We will want to get things done.

As Henry David Thoreau would say; “Be not simply good, be good for something”. And perhaps, without self centeredness we will make things right from the beginning up to the very end.

And before I forget, to begin well is not only for starting things up but also for stopping. To begin well in stopping things we should not do.

I am sorry for letting you hear all the things I said for this commentary when in fact I could have summed it up in these words: “Just do it!” and do it right because if you do “impossible is nothing”. Thank you.


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